Linkup Paints (BOP) Ltd

Linkup Paints (BOP) Ltd
10 Barberry Street, Judea, 3140, Tauranga , New Zealand
Detailed Information

At Linkup Paints we specialise in paint coatings and associated products for the marine industry. We’re happy to help with any project you have, big or small using our quality range of products.


Our internationally recognised brands ensure that you are delivered high quality and high value marine paint systems.

We know that you need great results so we choose to only stock top quality paint brands that are recognised around the globe. This way you know you are using the best!

How Linkup can help you get your boat ready for summer.

We stock the highest quality, globally recognised paints and associated products so you know you’ll achieve the best possible results.


When summer is approaching, it’s the time of year when boat owners need to be getting their boat cleaned, polished and generally spruced up for the months ahead. We can help you with any project you have – no matter how big or small it may be. At Linkup, we stock an extensive range of marine paints, boat building and repair products. We only stock the highest quality, globally recognised paints and associated products.


Our marine range includes:

  • Construction adhesives
  • Fillers and resins
  • Chopped strand matting and fiberglass cloths
  • Paints
  • Anti-foul
  • Gel coat repair products and mould release
  • Marine cleaners, polishers and restorer products
  • Safety application equipment

We cater for the boat builder and professional marine painter as well as providing products and advice for the DIY expert.

We can meet with you and discuss your needs and even have a paint specification written for you to make sure you use the right products and apply them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Call us today to talk to our marine representative.

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