Burton Sails Ltd

Burton Sails Ltd
59 Mirrielees Road Sulphur Point, 3110, Tauranga , New Zealand
Detailed Information

We manufacture racing sails, cruising sails, sail covers. We are your one-stop shop for all sail service and repairs.

Racing Sails…….
Burton Sails offers top quality cloth options to the local club racer. We fully understand the requirements you need to make your boat achieve its full potential on the race course. We work closely with our customers to ensure you are receiving exactly what is expected.

We combine quality, performance and durability to a very high standard when designing and manufacturing racing sails to ensure you will always be at the top of the fleet.

Our staff are available to help setup the trim of your boat to maximize the potential of your boats design. With any new sail ordered we are dedicated on sailing with you and give expert advice where needed on sail and rig trim.

Cruising Sails…….
Burton Sails offers various options to the local, coastal and off shore cruiser. Whether you are day sailing, cruising the NZ coastline or off shore passage we can cater for all your cruising needs.

We pride ourselves on providing a well-engineered top quality product which will add to the enjoyment of your cruising experience. Our product is custom designed and manufactured to fit the customer’s needs.

Sail Covers………
Burton Sails offers a full range of marine cover options including: spray dodgers, biminis, boom covers, stackpacks and more…

Each cover we build is hand crafted to ensure a perfect fit. Our custom cover range includes; Cockpit covers, Clears to enclose Flybridges, Spray Dodgers, Biminis, Sail Covers, Stackpack Sail Covers, Mesh/Canvas Windscreen Covers, Lee Cloths, Canopies, Full Boat Covers, Dinghy Covers, Trailer Covers and other custom covers designed to suit your specific needs.

Sail Service and Repairs……….
At Burton Sails we understand how important your sails are to you and your boat and that is why we provide excellent quality repairs and maintenance to ensure your sail carries out its full life span. To ensure you don’t run into problems after the sail has been serviced, every sail or cover we service is thoroughly inspected from head to foot. Our experienced staff will provide you with expert advice to help you look after your sail

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