Maritime Police Unit Rescues Dog Captain Sailing His Own Boat

A fortunate dog was rescued by the police after inadvertently setting sail on his own in a dinghy in New Zealand.

Huxley, the dog, had taken a seat in the dinghy while his owner was occupied with another task on their vessel, moored in Judges Bay, Auckland.

According to a Facebook post by Auckland City District Police, the dinghy accidentally became untethered and began drifting farther out into the water.

On June 18, just before midday, the Police Maritime Unit received a distress call and promptly launched a rescue operation to retrieve the adventurous pooch.

In a statement, Acting Sergeant Jesse Jenden revealed that they eventually located the dog drifting approximately 1,312 feet away from his owner.

Facebook pictures shared by the Auckland City District police depict Huxley drifting alone in the dinghy while the rescue boat approaches him. In another heartwarming picture, an officer can be seen petting the dog as they safely arrive at their destination.

“In a statement,” Jenden expressed, “He was incredibly friendly and seemed delighted to see us. The weather was splendid, making it a perfect day to be out on the water, and Huxley was undoubtedly making the most of the sunshine. It was the first time I’ve ever encountered a dog skippering his own boat. They say every dog has his day, and luckily for Huxley, the Police were there to assist when his special day came. Our vision is to make New Zealand the safest country for everyone.”

The Police Maritime Unit rescues Captain Huxley

Upon locating the dog, the police swiftly reunited him with his owner. The maritime unit reported that the dog was “happy to have all four legs back on land.”

Dogs are generally known for their swimming abilities, although it can vary depending on their breed. While they can handle swimming, being far out in open water can pose risks due to waves, salt, and other ocean wildlife.

Fortunately, Huxley remained inside the boat and was unharmed during the incident. The story warmed the hearts of Facebook users who came across it.

In response to the photographs shared by the Auckland City District Police, one Facebook user commented:

“Love this story. Well done Huxley and the police.”

Another user expressed:

“Gorgeous post—lucky puppy. Thank you, Auckland City District Police.”

Another social media user chimed in, saying:

“You people are so wonderful.” It’s true that many dogs enjoy boat rides, especially when their owners are nearby. However, some dogs may experience separation anxiety when they are apart from their owners.

It remains uncertain whether Huxley experienced any distress during his solo voyage.

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