Super Yacht Coatings International

Super Yacht Coatings International
63 Mirrielees Road Sulphur Point, 3110, Tauranga , New Zealand
Detailed Information

We undertake the fairing and painting management of refits, new builds and repairs. We’re flexible, innovative and experienced at working as part of an all-trades project team or as a specialised team of two. When we commit to a project, we do whatever it takes to get it completed on time and to the highest available standard.

Our Process – your boat during the process:
1. Project management 2. Refit 3. New Builds 3. Repairs

Super Yacht Coatings International specialises in fairing, finishing and a wide range of coating applications within the marine industry. We have expertise, are highly skilled and use only the latest techniques and paint technology, which is how we continue to achieve the highest possible standard of finish from high performance racing yachts to luxury super yachts.

There is increasing demand for high quality and custom yacht coating systems. With the strong relationship we have built with major paint manufacturers, we are able to stay on the pulse regarding the latest products and application methods within the industry. The training our team receives ensures our clients complete satisfaction from a minor repair through to an entire re-paint or new build.

Super Yacht Coatings Int. has the professionalism, expertise and experience to achieve the ultimate in yacht coatings and finishes… By keeping an open line of communication with each client we are able to tailor a package which will suit the budget, deadlines and standard of finish for each individual project; this ensures the total satisfaction of all clients

Why choose us?  End-to-end Project Management 

We project manage the end-to-end painting process and document everything we do. Based on our experience, yacht owners and captains are understandably fussy about what materials and processes are used on their yachts. However, they don’t necessarily want to look over our shoulders throughout the entire process.

Good documentation is a win-win aspect of our operation – it gives peace-of-mind reassurance to both parties. The owner knows exactly what we’ve used and what techniques have been applied and at what stage. We assert tight control and management of the whole process.

Quality assurance
Good documentation is also a critical part of our quality assurance process. It ensures nothing is left to chance or memory and we know we haven’t left anything out. Every step is carefully planned and checked and every process has been strictly adhered to. It allows us to constantly review and refine what we do in order to achieve the best available paint quality outcome.

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