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Detailed Information

Firewatch New Zealand Limited (Firewatch) is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated private company which imports, assembles, distributes and services portable fire protection and fire safety equipment throughout New Zealand. This well-established business, initially founded in the late 1980s, has one simple vision:
“We equip you to fight fire” and “To be the best provider of selected fire protection services and products in its target market”.

OUR CORE SERVICES ARE: FIXED SYSTEMS – For robust, dependable fire protection

FOR MARINE – protection built right into your boat. Our technical team is qualified to advise, design and install fixed, corrosion resistant fire suppression systems in maritime situations such as engine rooms and compartments and in the case of tourist vessels, appropriate units in their galleys and bars as required by New Zealand Standards.
Our specialist fire suppression systems are installed in leisure craft, jet boats, fishing fleets and tourist vessels.

FOR INDUSTRY – protection built in to your buildings and machinery

FOR AGRICULTURE – protection for your farm buildings and equipment

Fixed Fire Suppression Systems are custom built systems installed right into a building, vehicle, or piece of equipment. They provide an automated and robust way to quickly suppress a fire, thus saving your investments before they are substantially damaged.

Fixed fire systems can be installed in a large variety of situations, from large switchboard areas as in the hospitality industry to atmospherically sensitive machine and plant sites, from dust laden mines and quarry engine rooms to temperature controlled electronic and computer rooms.

Our custom built and hand held fire suppression systems are also widely utilised in motor sport and related industries. We can design a system for most situations/industries.

Firewatch offers servicing throughout New Zealand, to make sure your fire protection equipment and systems keep working at their best.

Firewatch can provide qualified instructors to train those staff who may be required to act in an emergency, to recognize and take action to extinguish, or at least contain, control and lessen the effects of a small fire within the workplace using the hand held fire extinguishers until such time as the Fire Service arrives.

Firewatch can lease all your fire equipment, for those who prefer to do so.

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