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Designed to store around 200 boats up to 12 metres long, Fort Nautilus is the only facility of its kind in New Zealand outside of Auckland.

Located at Marine Park, at Sulphur Point on the edge of Tauranga Harbour, it has its own private launching facility.

Everything about Fort Nautilus is designed to make boating more relaxed than ever before.

Now you can forget about backing the car up to the trailer, connecting everything up, stopping at the gas station, then waiting in line to launch it… let alone the waiting to winch it back onto your trailer at the end of the day and all the cleaning-up when you get home.

Storing your boat in the Fort Nautilus drystack is the way of the future. It’s so easy… all you have to do is contact us, come on down, step aboard and take off. When you return we hoist it out of the water for a washdown, then store it away safe and secure till next time.

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