Super Yacht Coatings International

We undertake the fairing and painting management of refits, new builds and repairs. We're flexible, innovative and experienced at working as part of an all-trades project team or as a specialised team of two. When we commit to a project, we do whatever it takes to get it completed on time and to the highest available standard.

Our Process - your boat during the process:
1. Project management 2. Refit 3. New Builds 3. Repairs

Painting, signage & anti-fouling

Marine Reflections Ltd

Marine Reflections are based in Tauranga. We specialise in a superior yacht standard of finish & are licensed applicators of Propspeed. Our services range from new boats to re-sprays, touch-ups & antifouls from 5 – 50m & anything in between.

Painting, signage & anti-fouling