Balex Marine Ltd

We specialise in the development, sales, and marketing of the Balex® Automatic Boat Loader. Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, we’re a passionate and experienced team dedicated to all things boating.

Balex Marine Ltd is based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Balex Marine Ltd specializes in the development, sales and marketing of a revolutionary new automatic boat loader for the launch and retrieval of trailer boats.

A world first, the ABL has an international PCT patent and incorporates proprietary technology. It is the first in a range of products in the Balex Marine portfolio targeted at improving the boating experience.

The team behind Balex Marine, Paul Symes and Lex Bacon, possess a unique combination of product engineering, and sales and marketing experience in international markets. They are also seeking interest from potential distributors or retailers in both domestic and international markets.

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